Lesbians - The Real Thing

Bust: B Cup-EE Cup, Age: 20s, Height: 150cm - 170cm, Size: 47kg - 53kg, Country: Asian

When people think about Roseville Rose 104 we want them to think of the following:

1. Honesty

2. Integrity and

3. Naughty good looking Asian babes that won't go through 4 boxes of tissues when you book a lesbian double.

How many times have you been stitched up by someone offering a "real" lesbian double and the girls spend half of your valuable time pulling tissues out of a box and don't touch each other. At Roseville Rose 104 we consider ourselves expert match makers. If you have been around the block as many times as we have you learn a few things. The most important thing is to ensure your two girls are actually friends.

Our girls know each other intimately and all get along like a house on fire. What do you think the horny young things do all day when they are waiting for your bookings? Use your imagination and you might be right.


1. 69 while you watch

2. One Girl Licks One Girl Sucks

3. One Girl Fucks That Girl Licks

4. Double Blowjob (tongues kissing and twisting)

5. Dildo and Strap-On Play

6. CIM with Snowballing

7. Then round two?


Try these couples out:

1. Tina & Bella

2. Lily & Anna

3. Linda & Andy

4. Ask our experienced receptionist on the day for something special - Maybe Judy or anyone!

All only $500 per hour.