Lily - Service Superstar

Bust: D Cup (罩杯), Age: 25(年龄), Height: 163cm (身高), Size: 52Kg (体重), Country: Chinese (中国)

I really am a humble girl but I value honesty even more than modesty. My looks are amazing, I am young, slim, and have the most generous personality.

However, where I really shine is with my service. My diamond service has become famous around Chatswood and secretly, it turns me on to know I am so good at pleasing men.

Captivating eyes

I have piercing blue bedroom eyes and my confidence allows me to stare directly at you and feel your every emotion and quiver of excitement. When we are spending time together it will feel like we are one person.

I will feel your orgasm and you will feel mine.

You can only imagine the intensity of our feelings for one another when we climax together and enter a world of absolute euphoria.

Youthful desire

I forgot to mention that I am only 25 years young. Don't let this fool you though because my sexual desires are equal to that of a lady twice my age.

Together we can explore each others boundaries and limits.

We can push pleasure to the ultimate extreme and ensure a lifetime of orgasmic memories to be shared between us.


I offer both silver and diamond service - my diamond service includes showering together, an intense natural deep throat blowjob, rimming, deep French kissing, and to finish it all off you can cum in my mouth.

Book me today and enjoy my vast array of skills right here at my favourite Chatwood Brothel,Roseville Rose 104.